Corporate Social Responsibility

No corporation should underestimate the impact that it has on the environment and society. 'Sustainability' is a word we now hear daily, and nobody can ignore its importance.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Even as an individual it is impossible to ignore the effects that our actions have on the environment, but as a multi-national company with a product portfolio as diverse as ours, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously indeed. Similarly, with over 35,000 employees in 42 countries, good employment practice is paramount, particularly with many plants situated in Asian countries where exploitation has occurred in other companies in the past. Toppan prides itself on both its past record and its future strategies in these, and all other areas of corporate social responsibility.

Throughout its history, Toppan has helped to promote the development of society through a variety of activities from its core business of providing excellent products and services, to its contribution to social and cultural causes. However, with expanding markets, ongoing globalisation, and other factors significantly changing our business environment, we have reconsidered the role companies should play in society and have resolved to open new avenues of coexistence and “co-prosperity”. To this end we actively address issues such as environmental protection and employment conditions, from the overall perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Our aim in doing so is to earn the faith of an even wider cross-section of society and more effectively serve the interests of our stakeholders.

To deepen and enhance the effectiveness of our CSR activities, we considered the types of issues that should be addressed in light of our Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Creed, and Conduct Guidelines. This resulted in the identification of six major themes on which our activities should be focused: corporate governance, compliance, improving customer satisfaction, respecting and leveraging human assets, activities for society and culture, and commitment to the environment. We are now actively pursuing this agenda to maintain our status as a good corporate citizen. (For a copy of our latest group CSR report which contains detailed information on the 6 above-mentioned themes and our activities within them, please click here)