Case Study: Yamaha

One catalog, 17 languages, 21 editions, one satisfied Yamaha

Case Study: Yamaha

Toppan successfully completed a multi-lingual localisation project for the home entertainment division of its valued customer Yamaha. Beginning with catalog copy written in English by Yamaha HQ in Japan, the result was 21 country-specific catalogs, translated and printed and delivered to Yamaha agents in 16 countries.

A long standing customer of Toppan in Japan, Yamaha entrusted Toppan with this strategic printing project. Rather than translate and print its spring Home Theatre Components catalog in Japan, Toppan offered Yamaha the opportunity to have the whole localisation and print process handled in worldwide. Not only were lead times and shipping costs greatly reduced, but by allowing local Yahama agents ownership of final translation approval, the risk of “loss in translation” was completely removed.

The project was managed from conception to delivery by staff at Toppan who sourced, vetted and commissioned Codex Global to handle the localisation function. Codex used mother tongue translators with background knowledge of the product or market area.These translations were then uploaded to a secure server to which Yamaha agents in each of the 16 target countries were given access. The agents were free to make any changes to the translation necessary to ensure the brochure was completely “localised” before signing it off for printing.

Print ready files were then sent to Toppan’s strategic printing partners where 21 versions of the brochure were printed, finished and delivered to around the world.

Yamaha has benefited from reduced costs and reduced lead times without any compromise in quality. Moreover they have been able to retain control of the content of their overseas brochures while at the same time affording responsibility for the final translation to the local agents. All parties have been satisfied with both the process and the result.

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