Recent Examples

At our rights offices, we translate our frequent contact and strong relationships with publishers worldwide into success stories like the ones below.

Recent Examples



by Ophelie Texier

This series of titles is originally published by the French publisher Actes Sud, and was introduced by Toppan to Soensha. In addition to being sold in Japan, this title is now also available in Spain, Italy and Korea.

Le Renard et l'enfant

Illustrated by Frederick Mansot

le renard et l'enfatn

Now a major motion picture, this title was originally published by Hachette Jeunesse, and is one of two such titles that have been published in Japan through Toppan. In this case, the Japanese edition was published by Soensha.


By Dugald A. Steer


This title is part of the larger Ology series, published by Templar Publishing. Imajinsha has recently published this title in Japan through Toppan, and talks are underway for further titles in the series. The Ology series has sold over 15 million copies worldwide in 20 languages.

Shelter Dogs

by Traer Scott

Shelter dogs

This title was first published by Merrell in the UK, and in a deal overseen by Toppan, a Japanese edition was published by Yama-kei in 2008. There are also plans for a series of postcards based on some of the book's photographs.

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