Films for Solar Cells

This important long-life film assembly protects the reverse side of solar modules from external environmental factors.

Films for Solar Cells

Toppan supplies several composite films with superior weather resistance, insulation properties, flame resistance and barrier properties. These were developed using our own film-converting technologies, high-durability materials and proprietary barrier film technology from our GL barrier film range.

Solar PV Module Backsheets

Toppan launched its solar material range in the 1990s and has supplied them to major domestic and international PV module makers ever since. Our solar materials production sites are located in Japan (2 plants) and China (Shanghai).

BS-TX Series

BacksheetToppan provides a variety of backsheets for different purposes. Our flagship product "BS-TX series" is the world's first backsheet made with the state-of-the-art Tedlar® PV2400, utilising DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film technology which has been viewed as the industry leader in providing durable, weather-resistant backsheets for photovoltaic modules for over 25 years.

"BS-TX series" backsheets are subjected to rigorous quality and performance checks and are currently in production at our plants in Japan. Further development in this area is continuing.

*Tedlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license.

Encapsulation Films

Good encapsulation is critical for the optimal performance and long life of PV modules.Toppan’s unique and superior heat stable EVA film has been developed from our film extrusion technology.

New films for next generation thin film PV

For many of the newer types of PV cells including dye sensitised, organic and CIGS, a good environmental barrier is required for both the front and back surface of the modules. Toppan has an extensive R&D programme underway to develop films for these demanding applications. Although a very high barrier level is often required, optical transmission is important to maintain cell efficiency. Light trapping, protection from UV and transparent conductive layers are also features in which Toppan has considerable experience. These composite films should be realised at a price which makes these new types of solar cell cost effective.

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