Cultural Projects

As part of our commitment to CSR, Toppan engages in cultural projects which help different countries around the world to preserve their national heritage.

Cultural Projects

VR Theatre

Vitual Reality

Toppan boasts more than 100 years of experience in reproducing images and text for printing. Today this experience is also being utilised in the newer field of digital media. We have also leapt into the world of virtual reality. By photographing World Heritage Sites such as the Sistine Chapel in Rome and the Imperial Palace in Beijing, and then reproducing them in a virtual reality world, visitors can get closer than ever before to the ceiling paintings of Michelangelo, or see rooms of the Imperial Palace previously closed to the public.

What differentiates Toppan from its competitors in all aspects of digital imaging is the outstanding quality of our color management. No other company is able to match so precisely the real-life color of a painting for example, to its digital counterpart.

Each project undertaken by this division has been tailor-made to meet needs of the customer. Please browse our page for ways in which our experience has been put to use, and feel free to contact us with your own individual requirements.

Exciting Virtual Reality Examples

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