New Technologies

With a Research Institute employing more than 600 staff Toppan is at the forefront of new technology development. Here is just one example of a technology being pioneered by our team.

New Technologies

Fine Printing Technology for Electronics

For some years, Toppan has been developing methods for very fine printing over a large area. Building on our expertise in securities printing and our varied print technologies, a hybrid offset printing method has been developed to print at very high resolution. This enables the reliable printing of features and lines below 5 microns.

Coupled with our expertise in high barrier films, electronics and large area film converting, this enabling technology will lead to printed display backplanes, as well as displays themselves on flexible as well as rigid substrates.

Several partnerships have been set up to asses and engage in these developing markets in flexible print electronics. These range from OLED displays, OLED lighting and eReaders through to securities and packaging printing.

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