Patents & IP

Toppan boasts an extensive portfolio of patents and production ‘know-how’, but we also seek out cutting-edge technologies which can help to ensure the integrity of our products.

Patents & IP

Toppan has an extensive portfolio of patents and production ‘know-how’ gained through years of R&D and production experience. We have entered into many licensing and cross-licensing agreements worldwide. In addition, we are always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies which will help to ensure Toppan’s products remain ‘best in class’.

IP and Licensing

Our team in the U.S. discusses research projects and intellectual property (IP) with Universities, SMEs and larger businesses, to help evaluate the potential for Toppan’s future products. Because Toppan’s business interests are so wide-ranging, IP developed with one purpose in mind can often be useful in a completely different business area.

Research Projects

We also work closely with Universities and other partners on specific research projects. This can be of a fundamental research nature, or often, the application of a new idea into an existing product line, leading to quality improvements, reduced costs or other benefits.

Commercialization of a Prototype

Toppan can be an ideal partner for scale-up from prototyping through pilot production to full commercialization. Once IP has been evaluated and concepts and benefits proved, our experience and wide range of activities can help to overcome the very different problems faced when trying to commercialize a new invention.

Route to Market

Being a very well known name in many industries in different parts of the world, and with a huge customer base, Toppan has an excellent ‘Access to Market’, which few other companies can claim. This route to customers has been very useful in the past enabling the rapid uptake of new ideas and IP.

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