Eco-friendly Kamicard

Eco-friendly Kamicard

Eco-friendly Kamicard

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Made entirely from paper, yet with a stiffness that allows it to be milled and embedded with a chip, this is thefirst paper card in the world to have been successfully used as a SIM card.

Key benefits:

  • Biodegradable
    • Compatible with the EN13432 standard for biodegradability, Kamicard will disintegrate within 45 days when put into the ground.
  • Non-toxic
    • Kamicard®does not give off any toxic fumes when burnt, and actually makes excellent fuel when compacted down into RPF* briquettes.
  • Low carbon footprint
    • Because trees absorb CO2 during their life, the cellulose used in Kamicard® is carbon negative. Some carbon emissions are inevitable during the production process, but by beginning with a carbon negative raw material net emissions of the finished product are far lower than other materials, particularly plastic.
  • Stiffness /strength
    • Unlike conventional paper cards, Kamicard® is tough enough to be milled, therefore allowing the embedding of a module. It is also more robust than conventional paper and withstands bending tests.*2
  • Resistance to heat
    • Kamicard® does not soften, even at extremely high temperatures. This makes it ideal for GSM applications.
  • No static electricity
    • Kamicard® generates virtually no static electricity, therefore the risk of module malfunction is greatly reduced.
  • Natural Appearance
    • Kamicard® has the look and feel of a natural product. Unlike PLA and other biopolymers, the user of a Kamicard® can appreciate its natural origins.

Printing & Personalistion

Kamicards are printed using a waterless offset method. Currently we print in singlecard format, but in the future we aim to develop a suitable method for printing Kamicard® in sheet format, thereby reducing the price.

(NB. Conventional card printing machinery cannot be used on Kamicard)

The following methods of personalisation are suitable for Kamicard®:

  • UV Inkjet (using an Atlantic Zeiser’s Cardline Versa for example)
  • Laser ablation (using a Keyence laser for example)
  • Pen or pencil – without the need for a signature panel, it is possible to write directly onto the surface of the card.

(Unfortunately Kamicard cannot be printed using thermal transfer machines)

What can Toppan Supply?

We are as flexible as we can be with the format in which we supply Kamicards:

  • Printed cards
  • Printed cards with milled cavity
  • Printed cards with milled cavity and SIM plug-in (subject to plug-in design)
  • Blank cards with milled cavity and/or SIM plug-in (subject to plug-in design)

Technical Information

For more technical information, please download the product datasheet here.


To receive samples of this product, please email us.