• Toppan trusted to digitize Michelangelo

    Our ultra-high resolution Virtual Reality allows you to view cultural heritage from a whole different angle.Cultural Projects

  • Toppan trusted by 21 governments

    Our selection as a supplier of security printing to governments around the world is testament to our integrity.Security Solutions

  • Thousands of samples,
    one neatly ordered package

    Converting your samples and copy into cost-effective, high quality sales tools.Book Printing

  • Experience makes us Smart

    Smart Green is the new black, paper is the new plastic. Introducing Toppan's paper smart card.Eco-friendly Kamicard

Product feature:

Bridge to China | Toppan

Did you know?


Toppan spends as much as $250 million on R&D each year and employs more than 400 Graduates and post docs. Next fact

Since 1900

Toppan has been in business since 1900 when 4 former employees of the Bureau of Finance established Toppan Printing. Next fact


Toppan is committed to ambitious CSR goals and produces an annual CSR report to summarise progress Next fact

Japanese lesson

Toppan means "letterpress" in Japanese Next fact

Group Companies

The Toppan group is made up of more than 180 different companies. Next fact